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Vitesse MSL (Vitesse “sounds like VTS”) has more than 25 years of experience in the Maritime Surveillance domain. This experience is based on a sound technical / engineering capability and a very high level of exposure to User Requirements worldwide. A Maritime Surveillance solution is only as good as the sensors and processing that it employs. Its effectiveness is only as good as its ability to provide the right information to its user community in a timely manner. This may also require a wider level of integration to ensure that data can be shared effectively. Vitesse MSL is the owner of this website.

Writing user requirements often requires specialist experience. Whilst Users clearly understand the key objectives for the use of a system, they are not necessarily familiar with the latest technology and the additional benefits that could be achieved through encouraging design innovation and creativity based on some new techniques. Far too often, system procurement specifications are issued with a Bill of Materials defining precisely what should be provided. Providing a “Shopping List” to potential suppliers does not encourage creativity and it also means that all technical risk relating to the system design, remains with the buyer. If the “Shopping List” is wrong and the system does not perform as expected, then the buyer bears the responsibility if the supplier has correctly delivered the items requested. In the procurement of complex systems, the responsibility for achieving the necessary technical and functional performance should be the responsibility of the supplier. This means that the supplier must determine and propose the final system design and select the necessary products and sensors that he needs to meet the buyers technical and performance requirements. The buyer needs to define his performance requirements with sufficient confidence and accuracy to allow the supplier to design and deliver a fully functional solution. This approach also allows for greater creativity and innovation and freedom to use newer technology. In this way, the buyer will be acquiring a true state of the art system that will provide the required levels of performance.

Vitesse MSL offers the necessary services to enable buyers to confidently implement a better procurement strategy that will ultimately lead to better technical and operational performance from the purchased system solution.

Requirement Focussed, Inspiring Innovation

Vitesse MSL believes that the user requirement is central to all system definition and design. However, technologies change quickly and new ways to do things are being introduced all the time. Many of us can remember when a phone was simply for making phone calls.

Todays mobile technology can also simplify the workload of VTS and Maritime Surveillance Operators and can also increase efficiency throughout the maritime sector. The right technology can simplify installation and reduce the disruption caused when a new system needs to be commissioned, it can also result in improved working practices that lead to increased efficiency, security and safety. Today’s technology markets can change very quickly and Vitesse MSL believe that system suppliers should be allowed to offer innovative solutions to a requirement to allow their system solution to differentiate itself from that of a competitor.

Vitesse MSL Experience

Vitesse MSL has been actively involved in the design and delivery of complex systems for more than 25 years. Our experience includes:
  • Defence Command & Control Systems
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Navy Combat system Integration
  • Vessel Traffic Services - Worldwide experience - IALA VTS Committee member
  • Coastal Surveillance - Consultancy, Risk Analysis & Project Definition
  • EU EfficienSea II - Maritime Cloud development
  • EU Poseidon & VTMIS-NET - VTS development projects
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Sea Surveillance - Approved project manager for major Far East Oil Company
  • Offshore Wind Marine coordination - Leading sales performance in Marine Coordination
  • Offshore Diamond Mining security consultancy
  • Fishing Vessel Monitoring Systems - Worldwide Experience
  • Fisheries Electronic Catch Reporting - Development of new systems within EU
  • IUU Monitoring Control & Surveillance - Major presentations at international conferences
  • Passenger Vessel safety on Inland waterways - Thames AIS
  • Ocean Yacht Racing - Volvo Ocean Race
  • Powerboat Racing timing & tracking

Full details of our experience can be requested via the
contact page on this website or using the email address on this page.

Services Offered

Vitesse MSL is pleased to offer the following services to assist in the definition and procurement or delivery of any form of Maritime Surveillance solution:
  • Environment Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Technical Specification preparation
  • Procurement Specification preparation
  • Solution Analysis and Project Definition
  • Business case / Budgeting
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Solution Assessment & Evaluation
  • Buyers Project Manager
  • Technical Reports
  • In Service Operation & Maintenance Support
For system vendors, Vitesse MSL can offer the following services:
  • Sales & Marketing support
  • Requirements analysis
  • System / solution design services
  • Business case analysis
  • Technical proposal preparation
  • Delivery project management
  • In service support
  • Troubleshooting services

Contact us

Please use the contact page on this website or contact us directly:

Email: peter.eade@vtmis.co.uk
Tel: +44 20 8144 0280